AB&Company ("we") takes your privacy seriously and is committed to protecting your privacy. We abide by all applicable laws and guidelines regarding protection of Personal Information.

1.Security of Personal Information
We maintain appropriate physical, electronic and administrative safeguards that are designed to protect Personal Information from disclosure, loss, alteration and destruction.

2.What We Do with Personal Information
We may collect, use or provide Personal Information in accordance with the described items below:

(1)Collection of Personal Information
We may collect Personal Information from website visitors ("Users") to websites ("Sites") managed by us. Such Sites may include web pages or registration forms through which Users may provide personal information to us.

(2)Purpose of Using Personal Information
We may use Personal Information collected through Sites for the purposes below. Personal Information may be used for other purposes than described below only if it is reasonably required by law enforcement authorities or a consent from Users is properly obtained prior to such usage.

a. To administrate, maintain and manage Sites
b. To introduce and provide services through Sites
c. To run surveys for quality improvement of Sites

(3)Providing Personal Information
Unless required by law enforcement authorities, we will never provide Users' Personal Information without obtaining Users' consent prior to providing Users' Personal Information with third parties. Users may request we disclose, amend, add or delete Users' own Personal Information and we will take necessary actions upon your request.

3.Changing Purpose of Using Personal Information
In principle, we do not change the above mentioned purposes unless the appropriate consent from Users is obtained prior to making such changes. However, we may make changes to the purpose(s) after notifying Users about such changes, if such changes are reasonably considered relative to the existing purposes of Personal Information usage.

4.Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
In the event we consign all or a part of Personal Information management to a third party, we carefully investigate eligibility of said third party and provide necessary and appropriate supervision to the third party to make sure Personal Information is managed in a safe and reasonable manner.

5.Reviewing and Improving Personal Information Management
We continuously review and improve, as deemed necessary, how we appropriately handle and manage Personal Information.

6.Deleting Personal Information
We delete Users' Personal Information when reasonably judged that retaining said Personal Information is no longer necessary based on the described purposes above. Such deletion of Personal Information will be carried out in an appropriate manner to ensure that it cannot be reconstructed or read.

7.Data Analytics
Our Sites use a third-party web analytics service called Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses Cookies to gather traffic data of Sites. Such traffic data is anonymized and is never used to track individuals. Many web browsers include options that allow Users to disable existing cookies so that you can prevent us from gathering traffic data. Please visit the URL below for more details.


8. Contact Us
Please see our contact details below if you wish to contact us regarding this Privacy Policy.

Company: AB&Company K.K.
Address: East Square Bldg. 6F, 2-16-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Inquiry: Please inquire via the Contact page


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