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※as of January 2021


AB&Company offers three business verticals; a Beauty Salon business which operates directly-managed hair salons, a Franchise business which provides back-office function and business know-hows for franchisees and an Interior Design business which creates designs and manages construction of hair salons.

  • BEAUTYSALON ビューティサロン事業

    Beauty Salon

    We operate hair salons nationwide in Japan. We believe our hair service brings joy to all our customers through our professional services. We are proud that Agu. Group's hairdressers can earn higher salaries than the market average and that they are free to decide when and how long to work in their salons. We also fully support our senior hairdressers becoming new franchisees when they are ready to take on owning a business.

  • FRANCHISE フランチャイズ事業


    We provide back-office services to our franchisees, including accounting, HR and admin operations. Agu. Group is very active in sharing our know-how, in order for our franchise owners and hairdressers to succeed, through unique educational programs. We occasionally sell out an existing hair salon to a new franchisee in order to kick-start their business, launching with a fully-furnished salon, customers and hairdressers. It enables new franchisees to scale the business much faster than starting it all from scratch.

  • INTERIOR DESIGN インテリアデザイン事業

    Interior Design

    Our Interior Design business is critical in maintaining our salon opening pace, the fastest in the industry. We are able to maintain our pace because we are capable of "doing it all" within the resources of Agu. Group. We also provide interior design services to clients outside of Agu. Group and the hair salon industry so that we can keep up with the latest interior trends in general.


Agu.グループ代表 市瀬一浩Needless to say, faster-than-ever development of technologies has drastically changed our lifestyle and the beauty industry is no stranger to such impactful changes.

More than 60 years have passed since beautician laws in Japan came into effect. The hair salon industry has a long history, however, things that were standard ten years ago can vanish easily due to the fast evolution of smartphones and AI technologies, and social trends such as decreasing birthrates and aging population, to name a few. Companies are inevitably required to redefine their business models and methods of understanding the market environment, and those who fail to do so will probably not sustain to exist.

Agu. Group celebrated its 10th anniversary in February 2019.

For these 10 years, we have kept ourselves focused on exceeding customer expectations while never compromising on our commitment to improve the work environment for our hairdressers. As a result, Agu. Group has realized tremendous growth as a business.
Our mission has not changed - to bring smiles of joy to our customers through our professional services. Agu. Group exists to realize our mission, and all of our Agu. Group members strive to realize it daily. This is why we created our brand vision: designing a beautiful way of life.

We continue to conceive how we should design a beautiful way of life. There should be millions of answers to it. Each Agu. Group member tackles this when they serve their customers and offers what they believe is the answer.

One question for which we constantly seek an answer as an entire group is how we can become one meaningful part of our customer's life. Finding the answer to "design a beautiful way of life" will never be possible unless we stand as one with our customers.

Agu. Group is still in the process of developing. We know we are not perfect.
In the coming decades, we are committed to bringing more innovations into the industry and providing services to customers not only in Japan but also around the world.

Through our determination, Agu. Group will continue to excel and become the company of choice for each customer and hairdresser, both now and in the future.

We will stay sincere and grateful and continue to challenge ourselves.

Agu. Group CEO
Kazuhiro Ichinose

Agu. Group CEO Kazuhiro Ichinose


Feb. Established hair salon alice (former brand of Agu.)
Jan. Established LOINESS KK
Dec. Established B-first KK
Jan. Beside KK became the first franchisee
Apr. Reached 10 franchisees
Dec. Opened 200th salon
Mar. CLSA acquired shares in Agu. Group
Mar. Established AB&Company
Mar. LOINESS KK and B-first KK became subsidiaries of AB&Company
Jul. Ken. LABO KK became a subsidiary of AB&Company
Jul. Headquarters moved to Roppongi
Aug. Opened 300th salon
Oct. Puzzle KK, agir KK, KALO KK became subsidiaries of AB&Company
Jan. Reached 20 franchisees
Apr. Headquarters moved to Shinjuku
Oct. Opened 400th Salon
Nov. Opened salons in every 47 prefectures in Japan
Dec. Launched original product line "numberA." and its online shopping site
Jan. Opened a hair salon "A GRAND UNION" in Manhattan, New York
Feb. Opened its first men’s hair salon "FADE&LINE"
Aug. Opened 500th salon
Aug. Opened its first barber "Fuji Oriental Barber"
Nov. Opened its first dry scalp massage salon "Chill Dry Head Spa"


Company Name
AB&Company K.K.
HQ Office Location
Shinjuku East Square Bldg 6F, 2-16-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Scope of Business
Beauty Salon business
Franchise business
Interior Design business
Esablished in
Paid-in Capital
90 million JPY
CEO and DirectorKazuhiro Ichinose
CFO and DirectorHikaru Nagashima
Director*Megumi Kiyozuka
Director*Manabu Mori
Director*Shingo Iwata
*Outside Directors
Audit & Supervisory
Auditor(Full-time)Akiko Sakamoto
AuditorTakayuki Odawara
AuditorKaoru Miwa
Main Bank
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Resona Bank, Ltd.


Shinjuku East Square Bldg 6F, 2-16-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan