CONCEPT 概要

    Designing a beautiful way of life

    AB&Company is a holding company managing hair salons primarily in Japan under "Agu." brand.

    Agu. Group began its story in 2009. From the very start, we have been committed to solving the structural issues within the hair salon industry in Japan, including unsatisfactory salaries and long working hours. We have brought in multiple innovative approaches, such as a unique franchising system and an independent contractor model, which has enabled us, our franchisees and our hairdressers to evolve quickly, solidly and uniquely.

    We are here to continuously make positive changes and impacts together with all of our stakeholders; our customers, hairdressers, franchisees and investors. We have grown into a leading hair salon group in Japan and we are stepping up to take on new challenges.



    Shinjuku East Square Bldg 6F, 2-16-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan